Welcome to the OTHER Fishsim 2 downloader

How to use this downloader :-

  • To use this site, click on "Downloads", then choose a section to download from.
  • Full venue names are used for the zip files
  • Venues are in alphabetical order in alphabetical named folders.
  • All venues in "Fishsim 2 Venues" are validated or were released before validation came into force.*
  • *NEW - A new section has been added for Venues by Fred
  • Fred was known as Dutchfishsimmer and made some very good venues but not all were validated.
  • all Fred's venues are safe and this section has been added by users request.
  • *NEW - A new section called "FS2 Venues (Tested)" has been added for Venues released after 20th May 2018
  • *NEW - These venues are validated and tested as confirmed working by a team of volunteers.
  • All Venues are in zip files. No Rars.
  • Now hosted by Simmers Dad, a big thanks to C Whits!

Latest Venues

December 2019 releases available in the Tested Section
Staffs and Worcs Canal